The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Hey everyone, I got nominated by the pretty lady Sarah Besaw to do The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you hun for nominating me. Please go check out her amazing blog, no seriously… go check it out! The rules are, you have to come up with 7 facts about yourself and list them below. You have to nominate five other bloggers and let them know you nominated them! 🙂 Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.29.50 PM

1. My favourite animal are penguins, I love all things penguins because well, I mean who doesn’t love penguins?

2. I enjoy everything beauty/fashion related and collect make up.

3. If I could thrive on only two foods alone, it would be coffee and chocolate, not the healthiest I know but it’s my addiction. I’m a big fan of Starbucks as well.

4. Call me a geek, but I enjoy reading and writing. My kindle is my baby, I read almost everyday, things like romance, mystery and autobiography books.

5. I am a people person and like to help others. The field I am currently studying works towards making a difference and helping people that need help.

6. Music is an important aspect of my life, I listen to it everyday. I’m not picky and enjoy listening to anything that sounds good rather than a few selected genres.

7. I hate talking/typing in slang and incorrect grammar makes me mad. Dere no reason u should be talkin like dis. Seriously? haha.

Hope you enjoyed these seven random facts about me! 🙂 I nominate:

My Fashion Poetry


Vittoria Anna

The Pretty Canary 

Vive Beauty

Thanks for reading guys, check out these amazing blogs listed above. Enjoy! xx


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