Fashion4Lifestyle – Dress your mind: She’s a BITCH.


She’s a bitch, she’s such a slut, Wow she’s really ugly.

When we look at other girls, our first instinct is to judge them or find a flaw in them. Why? Because that’s the world we live in, sad but true. Is it competition? Jealousy? or In securities? It’s probably a good mix of all of them. When your walking down the hallway in school, its easier to pick out flaws of other girls around you instead of complimenting them and telling them that they look pretty.

I know this because I’ve done it before, it’s not fun to admit but yeah. Unintentionally/Intentionally we’ve all done it a time or two and its time for a change! Seriously, its 2014. Us women have to go about things in a different manner and change our ways, try to be nicer about things. If you see a girl with a cute top and some kick ass shoes, tell her! Remember, it’s better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn’t smile back. Tearing other women down doesn’t make you any cooler, any prettier or any popular.

Girl Power

It’s worse as it is when guys make ugly remarks and call girls sluts or bitches. Don’t make it okay by doing the same thing. We already have enough judgement from guys, we don’t need anymore. So girls, stop empaling each other and start empowering. That’s how it should be, we are suppose to be on the same team. Yet, Women are the biggest haters of our own gender. It takes so much effort to hate and be hurtful, make life easier for yourself and stop hating for no reason other than your insecurities and jealousy. It’s a sickness… make it stop.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 4.22.53 PM

Competing with our own gender comes so naturally, its hard not to do anymore. When your putting other women down your only showing that your worried about your competition rather than your own progress. When a girl is out there killing it and is successful, it shouldn’t threaten you.. it should motivate you. Remember, no one understands us better than us. So I challenge you to empower and uplift other girls, I dare you!


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