Lookbook: Athletic/Activewear Style!

A trend that is popular right now is the athletic/activewear look. It’s perfect for school and allows you to be comfortable while looking cute. You can wear this look while being fashionable and add your own twist to it. I have been wearing this trend for awhile and I love it! It’s super comfy and fashionable, so it doesn’t look like I just rolled out of bed or tried really hard either! Down below is a look I put together that follows this trend! 🙂

bo1 bo2 bo4 bo8 bo9

New York Crop Sweater – TopShop
Black Rib Tank Top – Garage Clothing
Dark Red/Maroon Jeggings – Garage Clothing
Long Knee High Socks – Garage Clothing

This trend is super cute and you can pull it off with your own twist, adding different articles of clothing, such as leggings, fleece joggers, pants, casual t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, bomber jackers and etc. Down below are a few different articles of clothing that go with this trend.


1. The Slouchy Jogging Pant – Click Here

2. Boyfriend Graphic Hoodie – Click Here

3. Raglan Top – Click Here

4. Lenica Bomber Jacket – Click Here 

5. Marled Knit Joggers – Click Here

6. Black Jersey T-Shirt – Click Here

7. Relax Graphic Sweater – Click Here

Try out this trend because it’s super comfy and cute! Hope you Enjoy this look!


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